What is AdPatron?

We buy advertising for local businesses, and manage everything in between. We support every method of advertising; print, billboards, signage, sponsorship, social media, mobile, web, television, radio, and even local sports advertising.

Organic Advertising™

The highlight of our work is Organic Advertising™; we buy advertising from local businesses for other local businesses. Organic Advertising™ is the strongest form of advertising as it targets the community with trust and integrity. If a local photographer was to buy advertising at a local daycare center, it’s a symbol that the daycare supports this local photographer, and the photographer will be rewarded with dozens of new clients. This is trust mass media could never achieve, nor can it target such a small portion of consumers with such high results.

Here are some examples below of Organic Advertising™. As you can see for yourself, no other form of advertising can reach consumers with such precision.

Hire AdPatron

Once a business hires AdPatron, we’ll come to your location to do an assessment interview and get to know your products and/or services. From that point, we manage every aspect of the advertising we do for your business, including implementation. After implementation, we want clients to log onto our website and provide us weekly feedback on the results of our work.


A majority of local businesses owners don’t have the time, or the knowledge, to advertise their business, brand, and products to consumers. That’s where we come in. For a monthly fee and cost of advertising, we’ll manage all your advertising. Every business is different, and each business wishes to achieve a certain level of results from their advertising. Once a business fills out our questionnaire, we can provide a quote. This fee is paid once a month and may change as the client changes their requirements.

Let Us Give You A Quote

Fill out our questionnaire and we’ll email you back a quote. We cannot quote on price of advertising, only our monthly fee. Price of advertising is a variable cost that will be paid by the client before advertising is implemented.